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THE CREW, publishing October 2023 - Canelo Publishing.All kinds of secrets get lost at sea...

THE EIGHT YEAR LIE, published January 2022 - Canelo Publishing.

She ran from the truth. She will do whatever it takes to hide it. 

A gripping tale of desire and revenge.

THE LIFE SHE WANTS, published July 2021 - Canelo Publishing.

You want to save your marriage. She wants to destroy it.

The Life She Wants is a suspenseful psychological thriller with a twist. Perfect for fans of Catherine Ryan Howard, Ruth Ware, and Lisa Jewell.


THE NIGHT CALLER, August 2019.

There isn’t a serial killer stalking the canals of Detective Sergeant Carrie Flynn’s home town of Manchester. That’s what the police tell the local community, but Carrie knows that just isn’t true.

Now, another person has vanished, only this time the police haven’t found a body... 


THE QUIET GIRLS, November 2019.

Eleven-year-old Melanie Wilson, a quiet girl who loves books, is reported missing. DS Carrie Flynn drowns in memories of her own lost sister. Searching for Melanie, Carrie finds grainy black-and-white footage of the young girl withher parents at a harbour, boarding a boat and disappearing. Carrie realises they have headed for a deserted wasteland, the river island Pomona. What could make a family so desperate to escape their home?


EXCLUSION ZONE, published February 2016 by Endeavour.

Chernobyl, 2015. With no law enforcement willing to go into the exclusion zone, a spate of murders are going almost unnoticed...


THE HUNGER WITHIN, published October 2016 by Endeavour.

Tensions rise during the 1981 Hunger Strikes in HMP Maze, Northern Ireland as the Catholic / Protestant war rages on. 


RECKONING POINT, published December 2019 by Endeavour.

Nineteen year old Elian Gould is on the tail of one of her attackers, and finds herself in the badlands near Scheveningen, a Dutch beachside resort.

Inspector Erik Fons has a crisis on his hands. The bodies of prostitutes are turning up in the normally peaceful Scheveningen.

Detective Alex Harvey is searching for Elian and in trying to get Erik to help him locate the missing girl, Alex finds himself drawn into helping with the murder investigation.




TWISTED, published October 2016 by Create50.

50 contemporary shockers from the most terrifying new voices of horror. 


MYSTERY TOUR, published 2017 by Orenda Books.

Stories reflecting the theme of travel by members of the Crime Writers' Association.


GIVEN IN EVIDENCE, published 2020 by Lume Books.

A collection of crime and thriller short stories, available for pre-order 10th April 2020.



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